Your Future with Physics: our new careers hub

The IOP has launched a new online hub dedicated to exploring the wide range of occupations and careers that a physics education can lead to.  Your Future with Physics has user-friendly menus to guide visitors through a world of information for secondary school students and their parents, carers and teachers.

On the hub, young people tell the stories of their career journeys to date, explaining why they made the choices they did and how taking physics made a difference to them.

Advice on A-levels, Scottish Highers and Irish Leaving Certificate choices is illustrated by the accounts of students who describe how they made those choices themselves, and those in higher education explain how they decided which universities to apply to.

New and alternative routes into careers, such as through apprenticeships and technical qualifications are also described, explained and demystified through interviews and chat with young men and women who have taken these routes, both in physics and beyond.

The hub launched as the IOP revealed the results of a recently commissioned survey, which showed that 78% of employers, had a positive impression of an applicant with physics at A-level or above on their CV.

Censuswide surveyed 500 hiring managers from across the UK’s professional sectors, including charities, legal, sales, media and marketing.  One recruiter said: “When I see physics on a CV, it indicates strong general knowledge, a deep-thinker and the ability to make decisions objectively - all valuable assets in my workplace.”

Rachel Youngman, Deputy Chief Executive at IOP said: “This research shows that having physics on CVs helps young people to get their foot in the door when applying for roles and makes it more likely that they will stand out from other candidates.”

“Physicists work in every sector, from solutions to climate change, creating the latest technologies in cancer diagnosis, AI and video gaming, to the public sector and traditionally non-scientific sectors including charities, sales and banking.

“We hope our new digital resource will inspire parents, carers and young people about the opportunities that the study of physics will bring.”

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