Whole school equity plans lead to positive change – but more work needs to be done

A fifth of teachers across the UK and Ireland say their school does not have a whole school equity plan in place, or that they are not aware of them, according to a survey conducted for the IOP. This is of particular concern as three-quarters of those teachers in schools that do have them believe that implementation of the plan has led to positive changes in their school.

Currently, these plans are not mandatory and are not benchmarked or inspected. The Institute of Physics believes they should be and that a whole school equity plan should be a living document, embedded across the school, not a policy that remains unseen or unused on the school website.

Mandatory whole school equity plans are part of our Limit Less campaign’s Manifesto for Change Across the UK and Ireland. Schools have begun to sign up to the manifesto, launched in October, showing their support for the changes we are calling for. We hope you will sign up your school too.

“A whole school equity plan is ensuring that the school (our community – so that’s the parents, the students and the teachers) are all involved in coming up with a common vision: that every child in the community is entitled to that inclusivity and diversity of the curriculum that allows them to see beyond, not only what they have right now in front of them in terms of their own community but the wider picture, and they can then build upon when they go into society.” Jamie Drake, Curriculum Director of Science and Social Science, Noel-Baker Academy, Derby



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