We have been awarded the EDUCATE Evidence Aware EdWard

The Evidence Aware EdWard has been awarded to the Institute of Physics education team, recognising their work on a research proposal to measure the impact of the PIPER project on physics teaching. This will support the IOP’s work in ensuring that we base this (and other IOPSpark website developments) on evidence of what works for teachers.

The IOP’s PIPER tool is designed to leverage physics education research to allow teachers to understand, identify and challenge student misconceptions in the classroom.

EDUCATE helped the IOP team to think deeply about how PIPER would bring about meaningful change in physics teaching, and how to measure its impact in a way that will assure educators and education policymakers of its efficacy. 

EDUCATE is a rigorous and comprehensive training programme designed to help EdTech organisations to develop, evaluate and improve their products and services with the use of research evidence.

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