Earth and Space

Videos to support remote teaching and learning of Earth and Space

Remote teaching support for 11-14 14-16 16-19

A selection of videos to use remotely with your students.

For students aged 11-14:

Phases of the Moon

Models of the Solar System: Earth, Sun & Moon

The Scale of the Universe

For students aged 14-16:

Dark Matter is a Circus Master in the Universe

How Big is the Universe?

For students aged 16-19:

A Universe of Waves

Alice & Bob in Wonderland: Is that star really there?

Alice & Bob in Wonderland: Why is it dark at night?

Alice & Bob in Wonderland: What keeps us stuck to the earth?

Black Holes, Neutron Stars & White Dwarfs

Brief Guide to the Galaxy

Classroom Demonstrations: Redshift

Gravitational Lensing with Tape and Saucer

Gravitational Waves: A New Window to the Universe

Where was the Big Bang?

Introduction to Galaxies


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