Speed of Sound
Light Sound and Waves

Videos (age 16-19, KS5) to support the remote teaching and learning of Light, Sound and Waves

Remote teaching support for 16-19

A selection of videos to use with your KS5 students (ages 16-19) to support and develop their understanding of Light, Sound and Waves whilst educating remotely.

The Doppler Effect - students could very carefully try this at home using a mobile phone instead of a buzzer (and a tone generator such as found in the free Physics Toolbox Suite app).

Measuring the speed of sound in air (a recommended app to use with this is Phyphox and the Audio Spectrum function).

Diamonds and glass

Waves on a string

Diffraction grating from a teabag


Wave interference

Dispersion and rainbows

The human eye and lenses (for optional Medical module)

Careers videos

Here is a video to learn about one of the careers that involve using knowledge of waves.

Speed of Sound
is a special case of Wave Speed

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