Visible Light
Light Sound and Waves

Videos (age 11-14, KS3) to support the remote teaching and learning of Light, Sound and Waves

Remote teaching support for 11-14

A selection of videos to use with your KS3 students (ages 11-14) to support and develop their understanding of Light, Sound and Waves whilst educating remotely.

Rainbow in a Jar - this video includes some of the colours of light and the order they appear in the visible light spectrum, but there's also another piece of physics at play here - the presenter asks watchers to comment on this on the video!

Musical box

Mouth organ lollies - a great one to also try at home!

The human ear

Auditory range - you can use this video to test your auditory range at home!

The Eye 

Careers videos

Here is a video to learn about one of the careers that involve using knowledge of waves.


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