Forces and Motion

On taking a point of view

Teaching Guidance for 14-16 Supporting Physics Teaching

Choose images, diagrams or text to promote noticing what's happening from a different viewpoint

Teacher Tip: Try out this poem, or something very like it, to support seeing a motion from a non-obvious point of view.

'When Einstein was travelling to lecture in Spain,

He questioned a conductor time and again:

"It may be a while,"

He asked with a smile,

"but when does Madrid reach this train?" '

You might find this poem, or similar images or phrases, useful to help students re-imagine the world from different points of view.

Seeing the world from different points of view is something that will need practice – often lots of effortful practice.

appears in the relation F=ma a=dv/dt a=-(w^2)x
is used in analyses relating to Terminal Velocity
can be represented by Motion Graphs
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