Supporting school and college students to learn physics during COVID-19

Regular updates on how the IOP is supporting schools and colleges during COVID-19 will be posted here.

Resources for remote use with your students, advice and CPD can be found on our COVID-19 support page.

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11 May 2020



1 May 2020

24 April 2020

  • At Home: Practical Activities
    This week, we have begun a new remote teaching collection which makes use of equipment that can be found in the home. Each activity in the At Home collection includes teacher notes and student instructions. First up is Elastic Band Universe where students build a model universe using washers and elastic bands - you can use it to introduce Hubble’s law. We'll be adding more so keep checking.
  • Let us know what you need - teacher survey
    The IOP recognises the disruption the COVID-19 situation is causing to our community and we want to offer effective support where we can. We are consulting a wide cross-section of the physics community to understand their needs and priorities. As a teacher of physics, we would really like your input via our survey (closes Friday 1 May). It should take you no more than 20 minutes to complete - many thanks in advance for your time.
  • Teacher CPD
    We held a successful online session on Teaching Sound held for over 40 teachers this week. There will be a similar event on Thursday 30 April at 11 am. Find and book for this and other CPD sessions and workshops.
  • TalkPhysics
    Our teacher discussion forum has been very active in the past few weeks. There are lots of live threads discussing teaching during COVID-19 with threads including resources tailored for Wales and Scotland and lots of ideas and other suggestions. 
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  • IOPSpark remote learning resource update
    We have added more recommended resources to our collections of home learning materials. Below are new sections and materials added this week. Scroll down to the update from 14 April to find the resources already available. We will keep adding to these resources pages and will keep you updated on what’s new via this page.

    Forces and Motion
    Further experiments, videos and question sets added.

    Light, Sound and Waves
    Further experiments, videos and question sets added.
    Watch out for Pinhole Photography Day on Sunday 26th April!

    Properties of Matter

  • Videos
  • Experiments

    Quantum and Nuclear

  • Videos
  • Experiments

17 April 2020

IOP-recommended home-learning resources

We hope you are doing OK and have had a relaxing break. Over the past few weeks, we have been pulling together our favourite resources which can be used to support physics home-learning. Some are IOP resources, others are from fellow STEM organisations but all have been tried and tested by our expert physics teachers.

To make it easy to find what you need for your students, we have organised the resources by physics topic, then categorised by key stage or age range and then by type of resource (videos to support remote teaching & learning, experiments & simulations that students can do at home and questions to test understanding). We will keep adding to these resources pages and will keep you updated on what’s new via this page.

Earth and Space

Electricity and magnetism

Energy and Thermal Physics

Forces and Motion

Light, sound and waves

Properties of Matter

        Government guidance on education and examinations during COVID-19



        Northern Ireland



        You can find updated information from the individual exam boards across the UK and Ireland on the Royal Society of Biology's website

        What else is new:




        3 April 2020

        This week, the IOP teaching team have been busy gathering more resources and planning support for teachers to help with remote learning. We have also been talking to policy makers and major stakeholders about what support is needed for teachers and pupils in these challenging times. We will be working through the Easter break to ensure there is as much support as possible available - and that we are all as prepared as we can be for the new term.​

        What’s new:

        Please do scroll down to see resources and support from previous weeks.

        And we hope you have a restful - and healthy - break!



        27 March 2020

        Here is the first in a series of regular updates where the IOP teaching team will recommend ways to support home-based teaching and learning.

        Support for schools and colleges from other science education organisations:



        19 March 2020

        This is a really challenging time for teachers, technicians and students; and the IOP teaching team are looking at how we might be able to help during the period in which most students, teachers and technicians will be based at home. Specifically, we are aiming to:

        1. continue our support for teachers of physics by moving some of our workshops online;

        2. develop some advice and guidance for teachers on how to best use on​line tools to work with your students;
        3. recommend activities that you can do with your students whilst they are at home.

        We will post weekly updates here. And we will continue to tweet through @IOPTeaching.​

        Join teachers of physics, technicians, and their supporters on our online community, TalkPhysics, and share your experiences, resources or questions today.

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