Quantum and Nuclear | Light, Sound and Waves

Superposition: amplitude and frequency

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The story so far… power, mimicry, paths, contributions

In these first three episodes of this topic, the idea of waves as an explanation for some phenomena has been taken apart and put together again. There have been several strands to the argument, and these are all related, although you'd have to delve into all the expansion topics along the way to see the full range of the connections.

So here, presented in four panes, is the essence of waves:

  • power
  • mimicry
  • paths
  • contributions

The essence of a wave model

Power: energy is shifted by accumulated remote working, and, on the small scale, at a greater rate by more quanta per second.

Mimicry: information travelling from one vibrator to another. Paths: these are possibilities, some of which predict rays, and thus beams.

Contributions: where several beams or paths contribute, superposition occurs.

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