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Many children love learning about space. It is a topic filled with awe and wonder. Yet even now the subject is rife with misconceptions. This series of videos provides useful ideas, practical tips for teachers and addresses some of these common misconceptions.

Meet the presenters

(Left to right, IOP Coaches) Ant Cliffe, Laura Dootson, Mark Omerod, Sasa Harper.


The scale of space

Mark discusses how space was used to define our common units of time before Sasa explores the vast distances between the planets and stars.


Cosmological redshift

Redshift is a significant piece of evidence for the big bang. Dave and Laura discuss the absorption lines from stars and how they appear to give us evidence of expanding space.


Understanding stellar radiation

Ant and Steve explore the two main relationships that astronomers use to extract information out of starlight: Wien's law and the Stefan-Boltzmann law.

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