Some students think that planetary orbits are circular or very elliptical

Earth and Space


Where the very elliptical orbits are extremely eccentric with the aphelion being very far away.

Resources to address this

  • The solar system: what do we know? (11-14)

    This is a summary of the layout of the Solar System.

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  • Drawing ellipses to represent orbits (11-16)

    The Earth's orbit around the Sun is not perfectly circular. It follows a slightly elliptical path, with the Sun at one focus.

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  • Movements in the solar system (5-11)

    This is a summary of what is known about the solar system.

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  • Cox, M., Steegen, A. and Cock, D. M., () How Aware Are Teachers of Students’ Misconceptions in Astronomy? A Qualitative Analysis in Belgium, Science Education International, 27 (2) 277-300.

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