Same circuit?

This electric circuit is set-up on the bench:

Six pupils are asked to draw its circuit diagram. Their drawings are shown below. For each diagram, put a tick in one box to show if you think it shows the connections in the circuit correctly or not.


Identical resistors

For each of the sentences below, write one of the following in the gap to complete the sentence correctly:

-smaller than -the same size as -bigger than

The current at c is             the current at b. The current at d is             the current at b. The current at a is             the current at b. The current at e is             the current at a.


Ammeter readings

In the circuits below , the readings on some of the ammeters are shown. Write down the readings you would expect to see on the other ammeters. (Note that the bulbs are not all the same.)

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Three testing questions

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