Sound Wave
Light, Sound and Waves

Questions to check understanding: sound

Diagnostic Questions for 11-14 Supporting Physics Teaching

What the Activity is for

These diagnostic questions can be used to check the pupils' understanding of sound.

What to Prepare

  • print out the question sheets provided (see below)

What Happens During this Activity

The questions might be used for homework or as the basis for discussion in the class.

Glass Case question commentary: Sounds travel through a gas and bigger vibrations will just make the sound louder and therefore easier to hear. A vacuum contains no particles and therefore cannot act as a medium for sound. It is possible that the rate of vibration is too low for you to hear.

Sound Chain question commentary: You are already equipped with a detector, probably a pair of them. Therefore a much higher priority is to look for the other two elements in the source-medium-detector chain.


Download the support sheet / student worksheet for this activity.

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