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Light Sound and Waves

Questions to check understanding of light, sound and waves

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A selection of question sets and worksheets to use with your students to support and develop their understanding of light, sound and waves whilst educating remotely. This page will be updated and added to regularly.

For students aged 11-14:

  • Best Evidence Science Teaching (BEST) - A selection of diagnostic questions (with solutions and suggestions on how to tackle misconceptions) to use with students. A brief selection of some of these questions are given below, however there are many more available on the website (available in both in editable Word and PowerPoint formats). Please note: You may need to create a free STEM Learning account to gain full access to these resources.
  • Who can see who? - An interactive simulation from The Physics Classroom that investigates the law of reflection (with built in questions).
  • Stage Lighting - Another interactive simulation from The Physics Classroom that investigates how coloured surfaces appear in different coloured light.

For students aged 14-16:

For students aged 16-19:

  • Teaching Advanced Physics resources feature many question sets to use with your students.
  • Question boards on Isaac Physics - A variety of online questions (automatic checking of answers included). They can be accessed without signing up for account, but the free teacher and student accounts allow you to set assignments for your classes. Some examples of the KS5 waves question boards are given below.
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