Quantum and Nuclear

Quantum and nuclear physics questions

Remote teaching support for 16-19

In this page we have listed a range of websites and resources containing useful questions on quantum and nuclear physics topics for students.

Isaac Physics

Concept Collections (key points and questions to test understanding) and Question Boards (a variety of online questions with automatic checking of answers). They can be accessed without signing up for an account, but the free teacher and student accounts allow you to set assignments for your classes. 

Concept collections: 

Examples of the 16-19 Quantum and Nuclear question boards:

Physics And Maths Tutor

The website PhysicsAndMathsTutor.com has a repository of past paper questions, solutions and mark schemes for all awarding bodies. You can download an example question set for Quantum Physics (photoelectric effect, energy levels, de Broglie wavelength) and the Mark Scheme.

AS Physics Exam Questions: Quantum Phenomena DrPhysA

These excellent videos demonstrate examples of Physics AS level exam questions for Quantum Phenomena covering Edexcel, AQA and OCR material.

Plank’s constant should be 6.63 x 10-34, not 6.3 x 10-34, which gives quite a different answer.

Electricity, sensing, waves and quantum physics: multiple choice question (MCQ) quiz

A multiple choice quiz on electricity, sensing, waves and quantum physics. Although it is written for OCR AS/A level physics (H156, H556, H157, H557) it can be edited to suit your scheme of work.

A level Quantum Physics Quizlet

Quantum Mechanics flashcards, diagrams and study guides.

Study Quantum Mechanics sets on Quizlet for free. Learn what you need to get good grades in your classes; memorise important Quantum Mechanics terms, definitions, formulas, equations and concepts and prepare for Quantum Mechanics homework and exams with Quizlet’s free online flashcards, diagrams, study guides and practice tests. 

Quantum Technology - laser cooling

This resource developed by STEM Learning is a synoptic student activity that guides students towards an understanding of laser cooling through questions relating to a wide range of the 16-19 physics specifications. It is a useful activity to help students prepare for exam papers through an engaging and realistic context. The teacher notes and answers can be downloaded here.

Wave Particle Duality

This is a very simple revision clip from BBC Bitesize Physics with questions to go with it.

The photoelectric effect shows that light is made up of individual photons. It begins by noting that photoemissions will take place if photons have a high enough frequency and enough energy. These are basic questions but good revision before the start of A level. 

High Energy Laser

This is a video clip from BBC Sounds which has been available for some time. Lasers can produce the kinds of extreme temperatures, pressures and magnetic fields only found inside stars. Dr Ceri Brenner shows us the high-energy laser she uses for her research, based at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxford. Length of video 3mins 30sec.

Quantum worlds

Listen to a 43 min radio programme, “The Infinite Monkey Cage”. Brian Cox and Robin Ince are joined by comedian Katy Brand and physicists Sean Carroll and Jim Al-khalili as they explore our strange and bizarre Quantum world.

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