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Properties of matter questions

Remote teaching support for 11-14 14-16 16-19

For students aged 11-14

  • The mental models needed to explain materials in terms of their particles can often include misconceptions. The EPSE questions on this topic, from the University of York, are very helpful to diagnose the thinking behind student answers and to give indications of useful approaches. Refer to the guidance to make best use of these questions; it includes links to other resources too.
  • BBC Bitesize has tests that accompany each topic, for example Physical Changes
  • These KS3 Mastery booklets in docx format contain teaching materials as well as review questions for a range of topics. Particles in the year 7 section and Matter in year 9 are most relevant, with Hooke's Law in the year 9 topic of Forces in Action.

For students aged 14-16

  • A range of exam-style questions are available, but there will inevitably be overlaps between subject areas. The Physics and Maths Tutor site is organised by exam board, but then by topic, for example the Particle Model page for AQA. Due to the different treatment of concepts such as internal energy across boards it is worth being careful when sharing these resources with students. Markschemes are included but not examiners' notes.
  • The exam-board sections on BBC Bitesize include resources for both revision and tests, as you can see on the AQA Particle Model of Matter, OCR 21st Century Matter and Models and Nationals Gas Laws pages. It may be useful to share sections from exam boards your students are not doing for greater variety.
  • Isaac Physics has Quick Quizzes on Density, which focus on fluency with the mathematical relationship.

For students aged 16-19

  • A-level questions will also have overlaps between subject areas, such as this quiz for OCR from STEM Learning which covers forces and measurements as well as materials.
  • Isaac Physics has organised sets of questions by topic; the Materials section includes Hooke's Law and the relationship to stored energy. For gas laws questions head for the Thermodynamics section within Physical Chemistry.
Hooke's Law
is expressed by the relation F=-kx
is used in analyses relating to Mass on a Spring
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