New CPD videos for teaching forces

Are you looking to brush up on teaching forces, but short on time? The IOP is proud to present our new CPD videos, covering the domain of forces, for ages 11-19. 

This is the first set in a collection of videos which are designed to provide a solid foundation on which to base your teaching. We will be adding more videos throughout the academic year, covering all domains – or topics – of the physics curriculum.

These videos were created to support teachers during a time when many students are being taught remotely. In turn, they can be watched from the comfort of your own home. You can find more resources for teaching forces at home here.

You will notice that we have been mindful of addressing some of the many inclusivity challenges in teaching, for example, accessibility, familiar contexts, showcasing applications and careers, addressing misconceptions, consistency throughout diagrams and careful language.

For example, we have addressed accessibility by using a colour-vision-deficiency-friendly palette. Also, familiar contexts have been woven into our videos by checking images and examples to ensure they represent a broad cross-section of our society. In our Newton 3 video, we replaced a golf club with a hockey stick as this is a more commonly taught sport in schools.  

Research suggests that drawing diagrams live can help engage the audience better than a still image (Mayer et al, 2020). We have included some of this with the visualiser. There are free body diagrams with a pen and paper to show exactly how to teach this when you are in front of a class. 


Find more information about our CPD programme and the schedule for the next 6 domains of physics, along with other forces resources below. 

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