New CPD videos for teaching energy

Our second set of CPD videos, covering the domain of energy for ages 11-19, are now live!

Through watching these short videos, you can fine-tune your teaching of energy within the new curriculum. We cover topics such as energy stores and transfers, heat capacity, absolute zero, heat engines, kinetic theory of gases and many more.

The language we use when talking to students about energy has changed. These videos incorporate new and helpful ideas, as well as highlighting some of the issues in teaching this topic. Our coaches discuss concepts such as energy accounts, choosing start and end points in energy analysis, energy calculations using proportional reasoning and using graphs to make initial links between gravitational potential and kinetic energy.

The videos demonstrate engaging practicals, exhibit everyday applications and offer links to careers and science capital.


Find out more about our previous set of forces CPD videos, our CPD programme and the schedule for the next 5 domains of physics, along with more energy resources below.


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