New CPD videos for teaching electricity

Our third set of CPD videos, covering the domain of electricity for ages 11-19, are now live!

We all use electric circuits every day. But students can find it difficult to relate what is happening on the microscopic level of charged particles to the macroscopic observations of electrical working. In these videos, we look at ways of supporting our students with the use of models to make these links between microscopic and macroscopic, while also being careful to highlight where these models break down. 

Many teachers are nervous about whole-class practical work for this subject, despite electric circuits being an intrinsically practical topic. We explore some tips to troubleshoot tricky circuits, ideas for purposeful practical work as well as suggestions for successful setups when investigating more complex circuits.

Through models and practical work, we discuss how to introduce the relationship between potential difference, current and resistance quantitatively, before delving more deeply into some of the other mathematical concepts needed from 14 years onwards. 

The videos have been reviewed by our Professional Practice Group, a team of experienced IOP coaches, for physics content and pedagogy ensuring, in the words of The Physics Teaching Podcast, our videos are

“well worth checking out if you are teaching some physics and would like a bit of focused, high-quality CPD presented by some of the best in the business”


Find out more about our previous sets of CPD videos, our IOP DOMAINS CPD programme and the schedule for the next four topics, along with more electricity resources below.

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