Many students have difficulty predicting the direction of the force that would be experienced by a magnetic pole near a wire or coil, by a current-carrying wire in a magnetic field, or by an electrically-charged object moving in a magnetic field.

Electricity and Magnetism


Resources to Address This

  • The Force on a Conductor in a Magnetic Field (16-19)

    Source - TAP/ Fields/ Electromagnetism/ Episode 412 ...

    This resource, aimed at A-Level classes, describes a series of demonstrations, class discussions, and practice questions on the force exerted on a moving charge.

    View Resource
  • The Force on a Moving Charge (16-19)

    Source - TAP/ Fields/ Electromagnetism/ Episode 413 ...

    Here you can extend the idea of a magnetic force on a current to consider moving charges.

    View Resource
  • Catapult magnetic field (11-16)

    Source - Practical physics/ Electromagnetism/ Forces on moving charges/ ...

    A spectacular demonstration showing how magnetic fields interact to produce forces on wires.

    View Resource


The following studies have documented this student thinking:

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