Make a nomination for the 2021 IOP Teachers of Physics Award

"She creates a rich educational environment and strives to remove any barriers to learning."

Excellence is everywhere in physics. It’s in research, education and business, we find it in people at all stages of their careers and in all parts of the UK and Ireland

The IOP Awards proudly reflect the full breadth of excellence that makes physics such an exciting discipline.

Who we're looking for

For IOP’s Teachers of Physics Awards 2021, we’re looking to celebrate individuals who demonstrate:

  • Teaching excellence
  • Staff development within the school or within a group of schools
  • Work beyond the classroom
  • Work with the wider educational community
  • Inclusion

Nomination process

We’ve made the nomination process and the judging more accessible and transparent and added the option to nominate yourself.

So whether it’s your own or someone else’s, let’s share the brilliance of the physics teaching community.

Nominations close on 23 April 2021.

"He is always encouraging and reassuring, inspiring his pupils to believe that they can succeed."


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