Light, Sound and Waves

Light, sound and waves videos

Remote teaching support for 14-16

A selection of videos to use with your KS4 students (ages 14-16) to support and develop their understanding of Light, Sound and Waves whilst educating remotely.

Mirror images

Drawing lens ray diagrams

You can download this sheet that goes with the video:

Worksheet for drawing lens diagrams

The eye

A simple wave machine

The Doppler Effect - students could very carefully try this at home using a mobile phone instead of a buzzer (and a tone generator such as found in the free Physics Toolbox Suite app)

Measuring the speed of sound in air (a recommended app to use with this is Phyphox and the Audio Spectrum function).

 The human ear

Auditory range - you can use this video to test your auditory range at home!

An introduction to the Electromagnetic Spectrum - in addition to this video, the Nasa website also has additional pages and videos to explore each part of the electromagnetic spectrum individually.

Dispersion and rainbows

Earthquakes and seismographs - a nice introduction before leading into the topic of S & P waves. Some questions for S & P waves can be found on Isaac Physics.

Seismic waves


Careers videos

Here is a video to learn about one of the careers that involve using knowledge of waves.

is formalised by Law of Reflection
can be exhibited by Progressive Wave
has the special case Total Internal Reflection
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