Newton's Third Law
Forces and Motion

Juice Carton Sprinkler

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M&M - Juice Carton Sprinkler

What you need

  • An empty juice carton
  • A piece of string
  • A pair of scissors
  • A washing-up bowl
  • Water


  1. Get an adult to poke a hole in the bottom left-hand corner of each face of the carton
  2. Poke another hole in the top flap and thread the string through it
  3. Put some water in the bowl, stand the carton in it, then fill it up to the top
  4. Lift the carton out by the string

Results and Explanation

As the water shoots out it pushes back on the carton with an equal force. Because the holes are off-centre this force makes it spin around.

These experiments have not been specifically safety tested for home use but we believe them to be safe if the instructions are followed. Adult supervision or direction is recommended as appropriate. All experiments are carried out at your own risk.

Newton's Third Law
is used in analyses relating to Collisions
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