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The DOMAINS programme covers all of the domains (of IOPSpark) over the course of an academic year.

In each school term, we cover two 'cycles' of our programme, with each cycle focusing on one key area of physics.

To support key groups of teachers, each cycle dedicates a week to each of the following:

  • All teachers – a series of short videos will address the main issues within each topic; videos will be tagged by age group of student.
  • Early career teachers – live, interactive sessions run by our local coaching teams, supporting trainees/student teachers, NQTs/probationers and others in the early years of their teaching career.
  • More experienced teachers – live, interactive sessions run by our local coaching teams, supporting teachers; look out for sessions tailored to your situation.
  • Coaches and CPD leaders – live, interactive sessions run by our professional practice group; anyone supporting the professional development (or professional learning) of teachers of physics is welcome to join our professional community.

To encourage best practice, each cycle includes a 'reflection week'.


The table below provides an outline schedule of the DOMAINS Programme and provides links to the presession suggested companion videos – links will appear when the video content is available.

Cycle dates Domain of Physics
21 September to
23 October 2020
2 November to
5 December 2020
Energy and Thermal Physics
11 January to
12 Feb 2021
Electricity and Magnetism
22 February to
26 March 2021
Light, Sound and Waves
19 April to
21 May 2021
Matter and Nuclear Physics
7 June to
9 July 2021
Earth in Space


Live sessions

For all DOMAINS session listings and bookings, please visit our DOMAINS CPD page on TalkPhysics

The DOMAINS Programme is one part of our Professional Support for Teachers. To view all our CPD session listings and bookings, please visit events on TalkPhysics

IOP DOMAINS Physics CPD programme

New videos on forces

Our first collection of videos gives teachers and coaches of physics a preview of the training we offer ahead of this term's live support sessions.

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