Information about public examinations during Covid-19

The Royal Society of Biology has compiled this list of links to information about public examinations from awarding bodies and governments in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales (correct as of 27 March 2020).

  • AQA will update this page with details on results plans
  • Cambridge Assessment are monitoring the situation for International Schools worldwide, with help of regional teams. The June 2020 exam series timetable is global and will go ahead. Information will be provided to schools entered for Cambridge International exams as soon as possible
  • CCEA are prioritising in order of A-level, GCSE terminal examinations, AS qualifications and modular GCSE, and will update via their website and are working with awarding organisations, regulators and the wider sectors to develop an approach for vocational and technical qualifications
  • The Department for Education (England) confirmed that students will be awarded a grade which fairly reflect the work they have put in, with an option to sit an exam early next academic year. School or college level educational performance data based on tests, assessments or exams will not be published in 2020
  • Eduqas will contact schools and colleges in April to provide further details on submitting grades. Further information will be provided on their website
  • OCR ask teachers to ensure they provide an email accessible at home and at school, and will update schools and colleges via their website
  • Ofqualare working to implement arrangements and are working with exam boards and teaching bodies to produce guidance for teachers. Further publications are expected next week. By Easter, the process for awarding grades should be outlined as well as proposals for appeals. Approaches are also being developed with awarding organisations for vocational and technical courses
  • Pearson (Edexcel, BTEC) will post regular updates on their Schools, Colleges and Higher Education support pages
  • Qualifications Wales / Cymwysterau Cymru ask those responsible for an exam centre to ensure lines of communication remain open between the centre and awarding bodies they work with, and will update via their website
  • SQA confirmed learners will receive results no later than 4 August. They will offer a free-post results service to ensure schools and colleges continue to have a mechanism to question any result. SQA encourages all candidates to sign up to MySQA as a direct way to receive their results
  • WJEC will contact schools and colleges in April to provide further details on submission of grades.
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