Improving Gender Balance research trial

Improving Gender Balance is a national research trial, funded by the Department for Education and led by the Institute of Physics. It will be independently evaluated by UCL Institute of Education.

For more than 30 years, only a fifth of those taking A-level physics have been girls. We have a goal to redress this gender imbalance and have researched this area for many years.

A previous pilot project in six schools saw the number of girls taking A-level physics more than treble over two years. Improving Gender Balance builds on the findings from this project, to roll out this intervention to schools in England. 

We’re inviting selected secondary schools to take part in this research, which will take the form of a randomised control trial. 

Join us to:

  • increase girls' progression to A-level physics
  • create better awareness of the importance of understanding and recognising gender stereotyping as limiting the choices of both boys and girls
  • promote inclusive teaching

Schools will take part in a randomised controlled trial to test the impact of a programme of interventions. This will consist of:

  • facilitated activities and events for pupils
  • support and continuing professional development for teachers
  • development of a whole school strategy to combat gender stereotyping

Schools will be provided with a dedicated IOP coach.

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