I'm a Scientist, get me out of here!

I'm a Scientist, Get me out of here! is an online STEM enrichment activity where students connect with real working scientists and talk about the things that really matter to them, making science real.

Students discover that scientists are normal people, too, with hobbies and interests similar to their own. They learn how their science lessons relate to real life and the world around them, and become more engaged in their school work.

Students will connect with scientists from a wide range of backgrounds and industries, helping them see all the STEM careers available to them and increasing participation in higher education, as well as making science come alive in your classroom.

Students can take part in the classroom or from a computer or tablet at home. In the activity, students:

  • ask their own questions to scientists about everything and anything - questions range from robots to transplants to pizza toppings
  • have conversations with scientists during a 40-minute, text-based live chat
  • choose the winner — they VOTE for their favourite scientist to win a prize of £500 for further science communication

I'm a Scientist is safe, fun, and flexible. Activities are ongoing so you can take part when it suits you and your students.

2021 IOP Awards

Teachers of Physics Award

Recognising and celebrating outstanding contributions to the field of physics education.

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