Electricity and Magnetism

Home experiments to support the remote teaching and learning of electricity and magnetism

Remote teaching support for 11-14 14-16 16-19

A selection of electricity and magnetism experiments and simulations that are suitable to use remotely with your students.

Health and Safety Guidance

These experiments have been selected by trained teachers as appropriate for use at home, but we have not specifically tested them for home use. All experiments are carried out at your own risk.

To avoid risk of injury or damage, we recommend that you follow the instructions as shown, and that a responsible adult supervises all practical activity and considers the suitability of each task for their child.

Teachers proposing to recommend any resources to their students should:

  1. work within safety policies established by their school;
  2. use their professional judgement to assess the suitability of experiments for their own students;
  3. direct students and their parents/guardians to follow all stated instructions.

For students aged 11-14 and 14-16:

Static electricity – a great topic for getting hands on:

Attracting a drinks can 

Static UFO

Forceful comb

Static spinning straw

Static electricity simulation

Circuits – online simulations can give a feel of the real thing

Circuit construction kit

Crack the circuit - circuit building game

Magnetism – interesting investigations for household magnets and simulations means everyone has access to a compass.

Fridge magnets

Magnet and compass simulation


For students aged 14-16 and 16-19:

Combining resistors simulation

Electromagnetic lab simulation

Catapult force simulation

Transformer simulation


For students aged 16-19:

Faraday's law simulation

Electric generator simulation

IOP DOMAINS Physics CPD programme

New videos on forces

Our first collection of videos gives teachers and coaches of physics a preview of the training we offer ahead of this term's live support sessions.

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