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Every secondary school pupil in the UK and Ireland will have access to a specialist physics teacher by 2023.

IOP Strategy 2019 - 2023

We want to increase the number of high-quality physics teachers and keep as many as we can in the profession.  We think there’s a way to do this – KEEP Teaching is your chance to help us find out if we’re right.

If you’re a head of science, physics teacher or trainee teacher starting your NQT year in September 2020 in England, we invite you to take part in this national trial.

KEEP Teaching is exploring ways to reduce workload for early-career teachers and help them focus on becoming skilled classroom practitioners. The trial examines how this impacts teacher retention.

We’ll be working with 100 schools each year over the three year programme. We’re looking for:

  • Non-selective state secondary schools in England which may be recruiting a full-time physics NQT to start in September 2020.
  • Trainee teachers (physics specialists) hoping to start NQT roles in eligible schools in September 2020.

We can’t share too many details about the intervention itself at this stage as this is a randomised controlled trial. The control group needs to continue ‘business as usual’ without being influenced by ideas implemented in the intervention groups.

But none of the potential interventions will reduce the number of hours the NQT is available for teaching or increase their workload.

The trial is co-funded by the Education Endowment Foundation and Wellcome Trust, and will be evaluated by UCL Institute of Education.



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