A Green Future: the IOP podcast returns

Our Looking Glass podcast is back for a second series, focusing on the climate crisis and how our global economy must evolve to address it. Through thematic episodes, Looking Glass: A Green Future looks at the part physics has to play and how it can help to power a new green economy. 

Host Gemma Milne speaks with leading experts from across the political, scientific and social spectrum to discuss the seismic changes we need to make to ensure a green and sustainable future for our planet.

In the first episode, We’re not all there is, Gemma discusses the issues that are likely to face future generations, with guests Sophie Howe, the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, and Dr Suchitra Sebastian, matter physicist at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge.

Rachel Youngman, IOP Deputy Chief Executive and series commissioner said, “This year at COP26 the world will look to its leaders to accelerate actions towards reducing carbon emissions. The threat of the climate crisis is real and present. But there are opportunities to build new industries, look to new sources of growth, and in a way that recognises the value of the natural world. Listening to experts from different backgrounds helped me to reflect on some complex questions that we have to ask of ourselves, as well as global leaders.”



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