Atmospheric Pressure
Properties of Matter

Glass Lift

Enrichment Activity for 5-11 11-14

What you need

  • Two plastic glasses
  • Paper towel
  • Hot water
  • Sink
  • Adult help


  1. Fill both glasses about 1/3 full with hot water. Carefully swirl the water around one of the glasses and pour the water away - mind not to splash yourself
  2. Dampen the paper towel and place it over the empty glass. Swirl and empty the second glass and place it upside down on top of the first
  3. Hold the top glass in place for ~20 seconds; then use the top glass to pick up both glasses

Results and Explanation

The hot water heats up the air inside the glasses, which expands and some escapes. With the two glasses held together the escaped air can’t get back in as the air inside cools and shrinks. This means that the air pressure outside the glasses is higher than inside and the glasses are pushed tightly together.

Atmospheric Pressure
is a special case of Pressure
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