Newton's Third Law
Forces and Motion

Giving equations and asking questions

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Working backwards can promote thinking

Starting out at different points in a conventional presentation, then working backwards and forwards from those, can result in illuminating discussions.

You could select an equation, such as: 30 kilogram metre inverse second = velocity  ×  50 kilogram, and get students to write down a question to which this could be the beginnings of a solution. Group work, where students assess the reasonableness of each other's claims, leads to lively discussions.

Selecting suitable equations can lead to a much deeper understanding of the significance of such relationships than is engendered by the questionchoose equationplug in numbersgive answer route. At least it provides some variety.

Teacher Tip: Hand out any equation and then ask students to write a question to which the equation is an answer.

Newton's Third Law
is used in analyses relating to Collisions

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