Forces and Motion

Forces CPD videos (age 11-14)


Videos created by the DOMAINS CPD programme, presented and developed by IOP coaches, on the topic of Forces for students aged 11-14. 

Everyday forces (YouTube link)

Presenter: Sue Woolhouse

Length: 15 minutes

In the first of our three introducing forces videos, Sue Woolhouse shows how to relate different types of forces to objects that you may find at home using the ‘washing up bowl challenge’. There are a lot of opportunities to showcase applications and careers and to develop Science Capital.

Force Arrows (YouTube link)


Presenter: Daisy Fox

Length: 15 mins

Using full sentences to describe how forces are acting and drawing correct force diagrams underpins student understanding of forces. Getting this right is fundamental to teaching forces all the way through secondary school. Daisy Fox looks carefully at how we construct force arrows and use them to represent the abstract in a colourful, meaningful way.

Balanced Forces (YouTube link)

Presenter: Kath Myers

Length: 12 minutes

Now we move on to balanced forces. Does a moving object always have a force acting on it? This highly common misconception will be addressed as Kath Myers considers objects moving with constant velocity. This video builds on the force arrows used in the previous video. You may notice that the presenters have adopted the same colour scheme to represent different types of force throughout.

IOP DOMAINS Physics CPD programme

New videos on forces

Our first collection of videos gives teachers and coaches of physics a preview of the training we offer ahead of this term's live support sessions.

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