Forces and Motion

Forces CPD videos

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Forces enable us to explain why things happen. On this page, you will find videos to support the teaching of forces across the age groups.

Meet the presenters

(Left to right) Daisy Fox, Kath Myers, Mark Whalley & Sue Woolhouse.


Everyday forces

Sue explores the types of forces on objects you may find at home.

Force arrows

Daisy looks at how to construct force diagrams and use arrows to represent forces.

Balanced forces

Kath explores balanced forces and common misconceptions about moving objects.


Newton 3

Daisy unpicks a typical exam question about the forces on a rocket and explores how students often confuse interaction force pairs.

Newton 2 (and vectors)

Kath examines how unbalanced forces affect motion and how vector addition allow us to find the resultant force and acceleration.

Newton 1

Sue explores what a resultant force of zero means and uses curly cardboard arrows to model a sky diver reaching terminal velocity.


Advanced force diagrams and vectors

Mark and Daisy explore 3 forces in equilibrium and compare practical and theory for a mass on an inclined plane.

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