Forces and Motion

Forces and motion videos

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A selection of videos to use remotely with your students when teaching about Forces and Motion.

Exploring the different types of force


The effect of friction on motion

Force components

Resolving forces 

Newton's First Law.

Tim Peake's Principia mission to the ISS generated some excellent videos that students of all age groups will benefit from. Others in the series include:

  1. Principia - Spinning ball on a string then released generates a distance / time graph

  2. Principia - Momentum: Small mass into large mass

  3. Principia - Momentum: Large mass into small mass

  4. Principia - Momentum: Two equal mass head on side view

  5. Principia - Momentum: Equal mass inelastic velocity / time graph

Newton's Third Law

This is a video from Veritasium. Other videos from the same source include:

  1. Misconceptions about falling objects.
  2. The difference between mass and weight

Suport for plotting motion graphs can be found from Science Shorts. This one covers distance-time graphs. 

A similar video for velocity-time graphs can be found here.

SUVAT equations

Circular Motion

There are many other videos in the Hewitt-Drew-it collection

The Monkey and Hunter demonstration of projectile motion


Our own IOP Coach, Lewis Matheson, produces some excellent videos on his channel. The playlist on Elasticity includes: 

As well as:

  1. Springs in Parallel and Series
  2. Energy in Springs
  3. Stress, Strain and Young's Modulus
  4. Stress-Strain graphs
  5. Ductile and Brittle Materials
  6. Behaviour of Rubber


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