X-Ray Scanning
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Episode 529: Preparation for X-ray and neutron diffraction topic

Teaching Guidance for 16-19 IOP TAP

This topic could extend a study of diffraction of waves, or be part of a study of material structures, or of atomic physics.

Main aims of this topic

X-ray and neutron diffraction

Students will:

  • relate diffraction effects to the spacing of gratings etc and to the wavelength of the radiation involved
  • state some uses of X-ray and neutron diffraction
  • apply Bragg’s law

Prior knowledge

Students should be familiar with diffraction due to a standard (transmission) grating dsin( θ ) = n ×  λ , de Broglie’s formula λ  = hp. It will also help if they are aware that, at (absolute) temperature T, typical energy ~ kT.

Where this leads

This topic could lead into a study of the structures and properties of solid materials.

X-Ray Scanning
can be analysed using Electromagnetic Radiation
features in Medical Physics

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