Particle Accelerator
Quantum and Nuclear

Episode 517: Preparation for accelerators and detectors topic

Teaching Guidance for 16-19 IOP TAP

There are opportunities for demonstrations that illustrate the basic ideas of particle acceleration and detection.

Main aims of this topic

Accelerators and detectors

Students will:

  • Apply their knowledge of the motion of charged particles in electric and magnetic fields to particle accelerators and detectors

Prior knowledge

Students should know about forces on charges in electric and magnetic fields, and their effects on motion. In particular, they should know about how circular motion arises when a charged particle moves in a uniform magnetic field.

They should be familiar with the basic conservation laws (charge, energy, momentum).

An alternative approach would be to combine a study of accelerators and detectors with a study of electric and magnetic fields.

Where this leads

If your specification requires it, you could go on from here to study the Standard Model (quarks, leptons and fundamental forces).

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