Do Try This at Home

The IOP outreach team have been busy creating a new series of physics videos accompanied by step-by-step instructions, explanations and ideas for further exploration on our website.

Originally to help parents and carers get their children excited about science at home, the Do Try This at Home, are short, easy to follow films.

Our team of science communicators made the films in their homes around the UK and Ireland, using basic household materials and filming them on their phones. There are 13 films in total including:

Bouncing High

Rocket Balloon

Waterproof Hankie 

We’re encouraging people to upload photographs or videos of their own attempts to social media using #IOPathome.

The videos are great for early secondary age children.

Feel free to use them and share them far and wide!


To view the films visit 

We've won an award!

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We have been awarded 5 stars for our CPD programme.

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