Classroom Physics: September 2019

The latest edition of our magazine for IOP Affiliated Schools goes out this week. It is packed full of teaching ideas for the new term, including a centre-page pull-out on Atoms & Nuclei to link in with the 150th anniversary of the Periodic Table. There are also news stories, events listings, info about how teachers can get support from the IOP team of physics coaches and much more. Top stories include:


IOPSpark: all our resources, all in one place
We are delighted to launch IOPSpark, the go-to website for every aspect of teaching physics at school and college levels

Early career teacher retention payments
The government has announced that mathematics and physics teachers in England in the first five years of their career will be eligible for a £2,000 retention payment

Be recognised – get chartered
We want to see more teachers recognised as professional physicists. What better way to demonstrate the value of your physics subject knowledge and skills?

There is a chance we will be able to travel through time
Prof Jim Al-Khalili shares his thoughts about the possibility of time travel. Get a signed copy of his new book ‘Sunfall’ in our give-away, exclusive to IOP Affiliated Schools

Physics needs to lose weight
Students will have been casually interchanging the terms ‘weight’ and ‘mass’ for most of their lives. Teaching them to use them as a physicist isn’t straightforward…


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