Classroom Physics: March 2020

The March 2020 edition of Classroom Physics, our magazine for IOP Affiliated Schools, is out now. This issue, we’re concentrating on teaching sound waves. There are also news stories, events listings, info about how teachers can get support from the IOP team of physics coaches and much more. Top stories include:

Quick practicals to fit into your lessons
We are launching a new suite of practical activities for teachers, funded by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation. Designed to be easy to set up, require minimal equipment and take less than 20 minutes, they are part of Gatsby’s Good Practical Science programme

Diagnostic questions in Scotland and England
British educationalist Dylan Wiliam said: “What is learnt is not related in any simple way to what is taught. Assessment is central to education.” We have the latest on the IOP’s banks of diagnostic questions

IOP teacher support in Ireland
A focus on our new structure for working with Irish schools, including welcoming our new Ireland national manager, Karen Sheeran and Engagement Officer, Lucy Kinghan, who work with our Irish IOP coaches, to support teachers of physics

Acoustics: sounds like a good career move
A careers special for teachers whose students enjoy music and physics and who may want to pursue a career in acoustics. Includes case studies (one graduate works on sound levels at Glastonbury) and teaching suggestions

Physics Education
A round-up of classic papers about teaching waves from our journal for teaching physics, plus the latest papers and articles including “What happens next? Is it possible to blow up two balloons simultaneously using a ‘Y’ connection?”

We’re already working on the June issue. The deadline for content is 20 April and the physics theme will be lasers to celebrate their 60th anniversary. Contact if there is anything that you would like us to include!

IOP DOMAINS Physics CPD programme

New videos on forces

Our first collection of videos gives teachers and coaches of physics a preview of the training we offer ahead of this term's live support sessions.

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