Electricity and Magnetism

Check questions: power

Diagnostic Questions for 11-14 Supporting Physics Teaching

What the Activity is for

The diagnostic questions can be used to check the pupils' understanding of key ideas introduced in this episode.

What to Prepare

  • copies of these questions

Support sheet

What Happens During this Activity

The questions might be used for homework or as the basis for discussion in class.

Best word: is designed to check pupils' ability to use the correct terms in relation to a simple electric circuit.

  • An electric current
  • Electric charge
  • Voltage
  • Energy
  • Power output

Make a match: probes understanding of three fundamental electrical units.

  • 1 ampere is the same as 1 coulomb / second (B)
  • 1 volt is the same as 1 joule / coulomb (D)
  • 1 watt is the same as 1 joule / second (A)

Who do you agree with?: probes pupils' understanding of a series circuit with two bulbs of different rating.

  • Tanya: agree
  • Ben: disagree
  • Jane: agree


Download the support sheet / student worksheet for this activity.

appears in the relation P=VI P=I^2R P=V^2/R ΔQ=PΔt
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