Brand new domain of misconceptions: Light, Sound and Waves!

The team working on the PIPER project have been hard at work reviewing academic literature concerned with common misconceptions and children's ideas about Light, Sound and Waves physics. Our biggest domain yet, we're proud to announce that we've now published 51 new misconceptions!

One of the many benefits of teaching is having the opportunity to challenge students’ deeply held misconceptions and ideas about physics. Going into the classroom with an idea of the types of misconceptions that students may hold will greatly improve teaching efficacy. Additionally, the use of formative assessment can have a substantial influence on students’ learning; particularly, in the tackling of misconceptions, diagnostic questions are indispensable. 

Our misconceptions are therefore not only supported with a number of references to the literature but also diagnostic questions and other IOPSpark resources (including teaching guidance, worksheets, class practicals and interactives). 

You can filter the misconceptions by the ages they appear in students, as found in the academic literature:

We also have an ongoing blog which will explore misconceptions and how to challenge them when teaching physics in depth. 

Throughout 2020, we will be extending our coverage of misconceptions, so please check back soon!


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