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Simulations and Powerpoint presentations

This file contains a number of different simulations which can be run in your browser. They may require Flash and/or Java to be installed. There are also some accompaying PowerPoint presentations.

  • Your age on other plantes
  • Your weight on other plantes
  • Gravity simulation
  • Tides simulation
  • Electric orrery
  • Slide puzzles

Simulations and Powerpoint presentations


LTImage is a programme that can be downloaded on to your computer. Also included are a number of example tasks accompanying teaching notes and/or PowerPoint presentations. The exercises are:

  • 3-Colour imaging Detailed instructions on how to do 3-colour imaging are included in the LTImage Help menu. Image files for use with LTImage are included in the /images/3colour/ folder where you will find sets for Jupiter, M16 and M20. More 3 colour sets will be available on the NSO website.
  • Finding Asteroids Image files are included in /images/asteroids/
  • Selected Images of the Month Each month, NSO selects an image requested by a school user as "Image of the Month". In the /images/selected_images/ folder you will find some of these images that you can open in LTImage. You can then scale, process and analyse them. Full instructions on how to do this are included in the LTImage Help menu.

LTImage files


These are a series of small images that combine to make a large mosaic of the moon. The Moonsaic Notes provide instructions for using these mosaics in the classroom. There are 4 sets of Moonsaic images in the moonsaic folder. You will need to load these images in to some image viewing software and print them out. Note that this will use up lots of black ink. For example, Windows Picture and Fax Viewer will allow you to print out the images for each moonsaic. Make sure that you don't select a type of printing that crops the image -otherwise the pieces will not fit together.


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