Forces and Motion

Along the road

Classroom Activity for 11-14 Supporting Physics Teaching

What the Activity is for

Measuring time travelled.

The purpose of this activity is for pupils to take measurements of time travelled (duration of travel) over a fixed distance and to practise using the equation:

speed = distanceduration

The context is provided by video clips of vehicles moving along a stretch of road.

What to Prepare

  • the video clip (see below) and a projector
  • copies of the support sheet Along the road (see below)

What Happens During this Activity

The class might work in pairs. Each pair has a stop watch to make measurements of the time taken for the vehicles to travel the fixed 240 metre distance along the road. Pupils record the times and distance on their sheet and then calculate average speeds.

appears in the relation SUVAT Equations
can be represented by Motion Graphs
has the special case Wave Speed
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